Self Knowledge &
well being through


Yoga is an ancient technology that shares plenty of margins with permaculture. Principles such as observation and oneness are some of the main ones. It is difficult to achieve positive changes in the outside world without deepening the inner work, in self-knowledge and transformation of personal habits that do not allow us to evolve as human beings.

By observing and getting to know ourselves we create an inner revolution (zone 0 of social permaculture) that has an impact in all the other zones, our families, friends, colleagues at work, organizations we take part of, institutions, even public policy applied in the places we live in.

We are seeds and the work we have to do is within ourselves to understand which are the gifts available to offer to the world and then get the proper alliances.

This era is all about learning how to cooperate and help each other. In this sense, yoga in all its forms, meditation, asana, mantra, philosophy, ayurveda and more, provide us tools for deeper understanding of ourselves removing the veils of all of our limiting beliefs. We integrate these educational tools for personal, collective and planetary well-being.

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