Inclusion & Integration of the social network through


We have lots of experience in producing events, classes and workshops within the afro-dance universe. During this journey that took place in the city of Stockholm, we realized that during these encounters a diversity of people came to class, from all different neighborhoods, backgrounds and worlds. We all have different cognitive universes depending on where we come from, the education and references we got in our lives.

To get to know other realities help us connect with understanding and then empathy, creating spirals of social regeneration, inclusion and integration of people from all ages, genders and places of origin.

We live in cities that segregate us, creating (in)visible borders where people cannot connect with different realities from those they live in their daily lives. Then we create intercultural bridges between people, strengthening local and international support networks. When we meet to dance we connect with ourselves and others, co-creating something new, dancing out together a new reality.

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