As humanity, we are facing a profound systemic crisis that requires us to take responsibility. Our organization should be a platform for innovative ideas, active projects and a voice that makes a difference for future generations.

New pedagogies

One of the main challenges that present nowadays the educational system is that it is only mind-based. It just focuses on one aspect of our beings, in one perspective or way of learning. We provide and promote an inclusive pedagogy that connects all aspects of the human experience: body, mind and soul

We are inspired by nature and its cycles. Interdependence is its common pattern. There is no way to fully develop individually, we need each other.

We need new narratives. It is important to tell us stories that connect us with a bigger vision of ourselves and humanity. By working on ourselves, our relationships, groups and families we forge dynamics that enhance health and inclusion in our communities. We believe in the power of building intercultural bridges that empowers communities and enhances its wellbeing by holding spaces for connection, expresion, new perspectives and opportunities to come.

An experiential and educational platform for human connection, personal and collective well-being. We believe in holistic solutions to systemic problems. Creating spirals of health and regeneration. Using yoga, dance & art as tools of expression, self-knowledge, connection, heal, grow and change. Interser is a social permaculture project and uses an inclusive pedagogy that connects all aspects of the human experience: body, mind and soul.


Camila N. Petrán Sayago

Coordinator of Permaculture Lab

Lawyer – Educator – AcroYogi – Performer

Educator in regeneration issues. Lawyer at the University of Buenos Aires. Tibetan Ayurveda Yoga teacher (Atman Yoga Center) & AcroYoga teacher (FLAY). Weaver of bridges of human contact, adventurous soul and traveler. Since 2019 lives between Sweden and Argentina participating in multidisciplinary teams within the social, educational, artistic and private sector. Abroad Ambassador of Quintaesencia School (ARG). Co-Founder of INTERSER (SWE).

Irini S. Dougias Andersson

Coordinator of Yoga Lab

Lawyer – Educator – Yogi – Acrobat – Performer

Burning for equality, inclusiveness and creating unexpected meetings. With 20 years experience of working with children as a dance and yoga teacher, she know’s the power of these tools and the powerful impact it has on children. 15 years experience in producing events such as festivals, concerts, retreats and educational programs for kids and adults. Founder of the Yogansa community (SWE), local Health and creativity Studio Hökis Hope (SWE) and Co-Founder of INTERSER (SWE).

Rebecca Wolete

Coordinator of Dance Lab

Dancer – Educator – Performer

A spokesperson for and educator within the Afro Dance community in Stockholm. Passionate about building community and space for people to grow and be their true self. Believing that art is the bridge that can bring people together across borders, skin colors, any differences… Sweden based, with roots in Ethiopia. “Through dance I speak my truth”. Co-Founder of INTERSER (SWE).

Paloma Ponce

Coordinator of Artivism Lab

Dance – Yogini – AcroYogui – Cooperative worker

Above all, a lover of life. Studies in Audiovisual Arts at UNDAV (Arg) and Tibetan Yoga and Ayurveda at Atman Yoga Center (Arg). Passionate about astrology and dance. Yoga teacher, President of HUMO Work Cooperative, a vegetarian restaurant in CABA. I deeply believe that the way out is collective and that regeneration is not only possible but a must.

Mirka Simberg

Coordinator of Dance Lab

Dancer – Educator – Masseuse – Student of Social Services


Movement lover and a Finnish Azonto Ambassador. After years of practicing different dance styles, forms of art,  competing in hiphop, touching the world of crossfit, she found her true freedom in a ghanaian street dance style Azonto. Passionate to create spaces for cultural exchange, where people can experiment and find their freedom & connection to self and others through dance.

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