the power of union

INTERSER is an interdisciplinary, international women led non-profit organization aiming to develop programs, projects, courses, workshops and events to promote integration and cultural exchange, through a responsible and proactive culture and a holistic approach to well-being.

Lines of Work



Social PERMACULTURE & systems thinking

We work systematically and long-term minded with social-permaculture, regenerative cultures and eco-feminist tools and frameworks.
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Inclusion & integration through DANCE

We create intercultural bridges by producing workshops, events within the afro-dance universe, strengthening local and international support networks. Dancing out together a new reality!
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Self-knowledge & well-being through YOGA

We integrate intersectionally in our programs meditation, asana, mantra, ayurveda and philosophy as educational tools for personal, collective and planetary well-being.
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We use artivism as an expression practice, a place to create and visualize the necessary actions for the transition to the new world.
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Get Involved!

Why become a member?

Because you are interested in co creating projects together with people who share your dreams, visions and values.

Because you have a passion for one or many of our main areas such as dance, yoga, meditation, social permaculture or community building.

Because you want to learn how to use social permaculture tools in order to make your dream project come true.

Because you want to make a difference in society and support the shift from consuming society to a regenerative culture-based society.

Because you believe in sustainable networking that constantly regenerates the time and energy you invested.

Choose Your



An active form of membership. Join our members-only gatherings and you get a discount in open events. We expect you to join at least one meeting per year IRL or online, and to choose at least one project per year to be involved in.


A passive form of membership. Join our members-only events and meetings, or simply just see your fee as a financial support to our organization. It’s completely up to you when, where and how much engagement you want to invest.

Reach us!

If you have any doubts about memberships, if you want to get to know us better, or if you have a project and want to tell us what it’s about, don’t hesitate to write to us!

INTERSER is about co-creation. Our mission is to provide a platform that allows us to connect and create the reality we want to live in.

Let’s talk.

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